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Originally Posted by jazzkidding View Post
But the beak is moving to the music...Polly what do you think?
Jazz, I disagree with Frost (sorry Frosty) - I think it's for real. The random "mistakes" sound real to me and the little sibilant whistle in the parrot's third run through sounded very typical. If it's a fake, then the standard is right up there with St Sanders! I suspect the parrot's been trained to "sing" it - it wouldn't have gotten it from the recording. It sounds like it's copying a kid trying to do death growls lol

I used to have a pet cockatoo that said "Zappa" and "Hello darling". It barked a lot too because we had two dogs.

Here's an obvious fake (warning - rude language and sexual references):
Polly's rhythms
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