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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

Originally Posted by Mr. Helm View Post
That is so indeed! But I guess it would help our evolution once we managed to live in perfect harmony with the environment that ultimately sustains us as embodied spirits. Just an impression...
I don't think it's possible with 6 billion people (and rising fast), all aspiring to have a house, car, a range of electronic goods, nice clothes etc. Something's got to give. I do feel that, ethically, living well includes being mindful of what we consume and the non-human lives / habitats that have been lost so we can have our goodies.

This whole thing feels like being in a massive ocean liner with a turning circle of 10kms and watching it heading towards an iceberg that's 2 kms away ... most of us seem to take a similar fatalistic view as the band that played on while the Titanic sank. Might as well go down swinging ...
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