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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I have played and owned IC's, DW9000, Axis L2, and I currently use a Trick Pro 1 V double pedal.

For the money, DW9000s are by far the best value. They are ridgid, fast, and have plenty of adjustments for different feels.

Axis pedals are great if you are looking the Longboard route. I found that when I had the Axis set up they worked best as two single pedals on a double kick set up. I used Danmar wood beaters instead of the one's Axis provided. The Axis pedal didn't really make my bass technique any better or worse. I obviously had to get a feel for the difference of the pedal.

Trick pedals are overrated. I'm glad I only paid $550 on for the one's I currently have. I'm a gear junkie, and I got sucked into the hype. They look good and the pedals are large, but the price is what kills the overall value.

After trying quite a few pedals over the years, the only thing that's made my bass technique better and faster is practice.
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