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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Never covered them but I've played Money at jams. Live at Pompeii is magnificent.

They're a hard band to cover because they already sound so great. Someone like Dylan's much easier to cover because the strength of the music is in the writing rather than the playing and production.

As a matter of curiosity, what got you thinking about Floyd?
Polly, funny you should mention it, I always thought Dylan sounded like somebody was beating a cat with a baby. The only album I can recall where I dug the sounds as much as the lyrics was Desire, Joey is a classic Little Italy piece.

Now for Floyd, they always sounded amazing, what is so cool about Nick Mason is how slow his fills are, they have room and they just feel good to me.

Saw them a few times back in the day, First was Animals. They really did float a house sized pig across Madison Square Garden. Saw the Original Wall Concert too. Had no idea how historical that show was.

I remember one show in NYC, Waters is standing there spewing venom at who knew what and there is a spotlight on him, everything else is dark. He launches into an attack on Unions and threw the BS flag that the lighting guys had to be Union and not his own crew.

To his credit, the Lighting Guy didn't switch off the Spotlight. That would have been interesting. He also stopped a song to curse out whoever through the Firecracker during a solo. Just stopped the show cold and called the person a STUPID M' F'er. He actually scared the crap out of the crowd of 25K.

Both great shows and a great band.
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