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Listening to them of course, what else :D I'm a big fan of 70's prog, you should see my collection, Masters Apprentices anyone? What about some Camel?

In all serious they are a fantastic band, I'm never interested in covers purely for the sake of doing what has been done for a live audience, I love it when bands take a song and do something new or exciting with it, when they interpret it. Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine inch nails) one of the greatest covers ever made. Opeth - Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple) fantastic, fantastic version of the song.

I didn't want to just make this a covers thread though, DW deserves at least one thread devoted purely to Floyd.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Never covered them but I've played Money at jams. Live at Pompeii is magnificent.

They're a hard band to cover because they already sound so great. Someone like Dylan's much easier to cover because the strength of the music is in the writing rather than the playing and production.

As a matter of curiosity, what got you thinking about Floyd?
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