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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by bigd View Post
I'm sorry but the wife had every right to throw a fit. Once we marry them they get the right to tell us what other women can and can't kiss us. I'd be upset as the singer if my wife was angry. He should have yelled to security staff to get the drunk chick away from him as soon as she kissed him on the cheek. This was the singers fault for not reacting appropriately in the first place by not asking for security to put some space between this drunken woman and the band.
Stopping the song and calling security would probably turn the audience (and venue) against the band for spoiling the party atmosphere. I think Aeolian nailed it - preventing the lip kiss without creating bad vibes:

Deflect and defuse, make a joke out of it, keep it light, make it part of the show. But keep it professional and somewhat above a drunken frat party.
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