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Default Re: Never impulse buy

What I have found, is that there is "Suggested Retail price," (SRP) "Average Retail Price," (ARP) and the "Real Price," (RP).

The SRP seems to be a fictional price that the manufacturer sets so they can make an appearance of discounts. The SRP is usually the price that is shown in the manufacturers catalogs. The SRP is usually close to double what the ARP usually is.

When you look at an ad from Musician's Friend or Guitar Center, they have the ARP in them. The RP is what you should be paying. The RP is usually starts at about 87% of what the ARP is.

The hard part is that you have to find a store that gives you the RP right away. This is so you do not have to go back to the stores to get them to lower the price all the time. No one really likes wasted time. Wasted time is too hard to play. I know how to play cut time is, but how do you play wasted time?

So this is what I have found out. Perhaps many of you learned this lesson already. But I am evolving slowly each day I learn something new.
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