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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Jim, if the singer was in the middle of a vocal and a dancing girl took it upon herself to saunter over and cheek kiss him, how can that be his fault? And how could this have been avoided? His eyes were closed and she took him by surprise.
Larry as usual I see things in more black and white then you. My wife and I know the simple rules. Avoiding some drunk chick is way better buisness then a screaming frothing wife IMO. Oh, and I wouldnt stick my nose in other then to bust his stones about it. I wouldnt let that go for a long time. It's too good.

EDIT: In no way am I saying my outlook is superior. It's just me. Simple rules get broken too. But ya don't $hit where you eat and anywhere wifey is, is where you eat.
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