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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ahem. If your partner was a singer and some hot young stud started pawing at her on stage and kissed her on the lips (with no protest from your partner), would that make you feel a little weird?

Not that this justifies violent, redneck behaviour. Just saying ...
This probably will never happen......Like Terry Bozzio, I have learned to never get attached to neither an actress nor a singer. Female singers need attention - actually crave it - which is why they became singers in the first place. As far as this actually happening, when there are f three or four guys on stage with that singer, situation will probably never happen. This reminds me of a bar fight in South Dakota where one guy grabbed a member of the band and then his four bandmates jumped offstage to give " a helping hand" to the stranger. Most of the venues that I play are pretty controlled against this sort of thing anyway - off the floor staging, security (sometimes Outlaws or Hells Angels).


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