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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by jim_gregory View Post
I think lover boy front man effed up.............

He could have avoided the situation without question and he chose not to.
Jim, if the singer was in the middle of a vocal and a dancing girl took it upon herself to saunter over and cheek kiss him, how can that be his fault? And how could this have been avoided? His eyes were closed and she took him by surprise.

I am with the singer, he has no control over what other people do. So you're saying that after the first kiss he should have told her to cool her jets? Not sure if I agree w/ that either, bad business. I think it's all wifeys issue. I wonder how many times Bon Jovi told the girls to back off when they gave kisses. I think that would be rude, here's a fan who loves you and you tell her to cool it...bad business IMO.

Actually, if I was the singer, after the "challenge" kiss was made, I would have taken his wife to the side (knowing how she was going to react) and asked or instructed HER to not escalate the situation. Instead, he just kept singing. By him doing nothing, (meaning not telling the kisser to back off) he made his wife even angrier, so much so that she (the wife) threw her drink straw at her husband (our singer) in front of everybody.

I do like JT1's suggestion about asking the singer if he "sorted out the problem with his wife". As long as that question comes from the guitarist, not me lol. I will be talking to the guitarist privately, I haven't done that yet, to see what his thoughts are. He has no problem taking a stand, to his credit.
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