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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ahem. If your partner was a singer and some hot young stud started pawing at her on stage and kissed her on the lips (with no protest from your partner), would that make you feel a little weird?

Not that this justifies violent, redneck behaviour. Just saying ...
That is truly understated. Only thing ever to provoke violence in me, and only once 30 years ago, was rude behavior towards my wife. And I mean VERY rude. She is considerate enough to see that it doesnt happen anymore and she has the power. I think lover boy front man effed up. I also think it's unlikely to ever happen again. If he didnt learn from that episode and no doubt the continuing love fest at home, then he is not very bright. This stuff does nothing to give his wife a warm fuzzy feeling about him playing without her there as well. Husbands job is to keep wifey comfy and confident and visa versa. He could have avoided the situation without question and he chose not to. Hope he is enjoying the resulting lunatic wife. It will be a long time before she settles down.
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