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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Hope I don't sound like a dinosaur, but I personally don't enjoy WAGS (English term for wives and girlfriends) coming to gigs.

My current bar band got back together recently after we split up in the 90s.

Back in the day, it was a male-only night out as the five of us would pile into the van, with a couple of roadies, and take off into the night. There was a great camerarderie, team spirit and I had some of the best times and laughs of my life.

Now, we all arrive separately with WAGS in tow, generally sit separately, and there's definitely a slightly cliquey, slightly uneasy atmosphere. The camerarderie has gone.

I still enjoy playing gigs, but it's just not the same. Maybe it's called getting older!

(This isn't at all a dig at women - just my personal experience with my band lately...)
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