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Default Re: What does Terry brana

Hey Troy,

Thanks for asking, and glad you like the transcriptions!

For everything you see here on Drummerworld, I have used Finale software. I have also been using Sibelius lately as well, although I feel more at home with Finale. (probably because I started with it!)

As far as how I got it all to look the way it does, honestly I've spent many hours working on the layout and spacing. I've had to do quite a bit of tweaking and pulling my hair out over this stuff! One bit of advice I'll give you is to save a template file of your work when you like the way something looks (in Finale). You can do something similar in Sibelius by saving a "House Style".

With that said, I've had some good results in Sibelius lately as well. There are a couple magazine pieces running this month with my stuff in them (Drumhead and DRUM!) where I used Sibelius. Actually, the ones in Drumhead are from my original files. It's the Steve Michaud piece. I'm pretty happy with how that one turned out.

Hope that helps somewhat, and best of luck!

PS. Thanks aydee!
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