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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

There is nothing you can do about this; but it sure was funny to read! I know it isn't funny when it's happening to you, but it was funny to read!

Larry, there really is nothing you can do about this. You see, there is no such thing as a secure woman; they are all insecure and they love to compete against each other. The reason the lead singer's wife is attracted to him is the very thing which makes her insecure. One other rule - All women know who's the prettiest woman in the room!

I always hoped and prayed a particular frontman's wife would never get my phone number and start asking me questions about what was really going on out on the road. Apparently, one of my predecessors was a snitch and would call her with details of who, what, where and when.

There is absolutley nothing you can do; it is a person matter between the two of them. And this coming from a drummer who used to work with one of the best con artists in the world!

It sucks, I know and it's unprofessional. But your singer HAS to appeal to women - they are the customer! And no, the smokin' hot woman didn't complain - she more than likely bragged how she made out with the singer of the band right in front of his wife - remember - women love to compete!


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