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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

The guitar player in the band, who goes back a lot further with the singer than I do, I'm sure he has some thoughts on this issue. If anyone would be safe raising the topic, it would be him. And to the singers defense, he does nothing to incite this kind of behavior. He's a really nice devoted man who remains neutral, and neither incites or discourages this type of behavior, as he should as a professional entertainer. The angry wife (of the singer) is a bartender, who gets hit on too, but isn't the recipient of insecure behavior from our singer. Things are always different when the reverse happens. I don't go for double standards or hypocrisy, but in this case I have to bite my lip. As far as the singer verbally telling the kisser to back down, I don't think the stage is the proper place to get all noble. It was just a harmless kiss that escalated into a battle of wills. People really need to lighten up. She should be more concerned about what she doesn't see instead of harmless revelry that's right in front of her face.
I'd like to hear a female POV here.
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