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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Man, I don't think our singer needs to be reminded of potential for lost gigs, I'm sure he knows full well. The ball is in his court. I'm steering clear here. I couldn't keep it in, and thought that someone here maybe had a similar scenario that I could learn from.

Even talking to the singer about the problem with his wife is a potential minefield. He is cool and would probably have to agree that it is detrimantal but I'm not gonna start that conversation. The only thing I can safely do is hope he gets his wife in line.
Good move Larry. I once made the mistake of talking to a bandmate's wife about band issues, the bandmate "quit" the band the next week.

Just hope she gets in line and pray no one lands on your drums!
Max Roach did it, Elvin Jones did it, but Roy Haynes didit and didit and didit.
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