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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Yeah, bring it on! I'm not getting the sabotage thing. Sure, an insecure singers wife will put off a female who fancies her chances with the singer, but think of the flip side. The possibility of a hot chick fracas will bring in a ton of femflesh sport hungry guys, & secretly, a few chicks with short haircuts too! It's a rock band!!! Uncivil behaviour goes with the territory.

Our singer & keys player (two good looking younger band members) got panties thrown at them at a gig this summer. Another girl took it upon herself to shake her unrestrained chest. Before I can check my wife isn't arming up with chick missiles, the two pantie throwing girls get on stage, put the panties on the keys player (yes, he struggled like hell, for at least 3 seconds), then sandwich grind him for the remainder of the song. Even the normally posessive key player's wife gave up her anger in the face of huge audience approval. She banned him from wearing chicks nickers at future gigs, he agreed. The following week, we got a ton of page messages, asking when the next "show" was on, & were the pantie throwing & chest ventilation girls hired in!

Keys player (arms folded) Singer (bottom left). As you can see, their attractiveness is increased by the old & butt ugly elements of the band, lol!
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