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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Should I be taking a hint from this?

Dream Theater’s legendary keyboardist Jordan Rudess and drum great Marco Minnemann appeared on the platform in a two-hour live online streaming performance on December 15, 2010, from Chicago’s premier Plant 10 Studios. The “Musical Mind Meld” features special guest guitarist extraordinaire Daniel Jakubovic who will join Rudess/Minnemann in what was a no holds barred improvisational musical excursion through the minds of two of the greatest musicians in the world.
I almost posted that a few days ago.

It does seem to be a strong hint, but if was they guy, I don't see why they wouldn't say so.

The band is claiming they made a choice, but are working out all the legal issues before they make a formal announcement. Given they're being secretive about who they chose, I doubt they would have this gig go forward if he was the guy.

But I don't know.

Mark Zonder posted on his face book he was NOT asked to join to band. So that's one name down.
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