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Default Re: Band wives and female patrons

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
On a previous incident, a woman called the lead singers cell phone to see where we will be playing. Now his cell phone is on the card that gets passed out, it's public property. This started a situation. All that was discussed was band stuff, no sex, but from a womans point of view, it's way different.
When guys hit on my wife, I'm complimented that I am the one going home with her. If the situation were reversed and a guy was trying to make time with the wife..I wonder if she would have told him to back off like she asked her husband to do...

Insecure people...I tell ya...
It really makes me all warm and fuzzy when someone wants to beat up people that we are trying to attract.
As an evil joke, get your singer an "I'M MARRIED" t-shirt.

Yep, she definately has some insecurity issues. Best thing for you to do is strap in and keep it between the ditches.
Max Roach did it, Elvin Jones did it, but Roy Haynes didit and didit and didit.
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