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Default Band wives and female patrons

I'm in a rock band, 3 piece plus a singer, and for most of our gigs, we have 3 of the wives at the gig. The wife of the lead singer...I like her a lot, however, she is making for some real problems. What I am about to write, this is the 3rd time this has happened in about 4 months, and was the worst of the 3 so far.

We're doing our set at a little bar near me, and this smoking hot woman comes in with a gay man, I think they had just come from a holiday party and could tell that they were having a great time, dancing and being very animated and boisterious, in a good way. So at one point, the woman, in her revelry, grabbed the lead singers face and planted a big fat kiss, right on his cheek. She was just feeling the vibe, I thought it looked harmless.

As you might have guessed, the singers wife got in the womans face and said who she was and to back the hell off. Well, the woman responded by grabbing our singers face and planting a "challenge" kiss right on the mouth. This was during a song. Well the wife blew a gasket, visibly distressed, talking trash, no violence, but threats of violence were didn't end there, it went back and forth, but the end result was no violence and the woman was asked to leave by the staff. If there was ever a situation where the wife was going to actually do what she was threatening...this was it. The challenge kiss was a clear statement, and this woman was way bolder than other women in any previous situation.
It's becoming a real problem with her, the wife. The woman who did the kissing...the first kiss was innocent, had it been left be, it probably would have not gone any further, she was just having a good time, which I'm pretty sure is the reason we're there in the first place. Now I'm guessing this smoking hot woman probably told all of her smoking hot chick friends not to go see our band because the singers wife is this and that blah blah blah....

Sticky situation. One one hand, I want this to stop like right now if not sooner, but there's no way I'm opening my mouth on this one. She was clearly in the wrong, but she has diplomatic immunity from where I'm sitting as the wife of our lead singer. This is a pattern with her for sure. Any advice?

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