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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Matt, I would bet a lot of that 50 million dollars went to constructing that building.
And that's one of the primary rubs Ken. 40 rebuilt existing structures could have been created in 40 different locations throughout America for the same money, and reached a whole hell of a lot more people from every walk of life, to say nothing of those 2-3 million playing in a school jazz ensemble every year. And don't think for a minute those requests weren't made and those grants weren't written, only to be told that the money was going to this one place so people who could already afford it could pretend to listen to jazz next to a pretty park in the only city stereotype informs you is relevant, and in doing so feel enlightened. It's a common pattern of behavior after all, seeing as how the classical world already adopts this formula at the expense of John Adams, the minimalists /there are more out there than Glass/ and any one else with the nerve to attempt something breakthrough.
Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
One can fight against the current. But that is the direction the wind is blowing. It will probably be that the better art will come out of those who struggle against the grain.
The better art is always the result of struggle and injustice Ken. But wait for it because its closer than you think. And if anyone thinks the new crowd that's about to come up will put up with 5 seconds of this, then they're insane. The whole thing is about to be turned on its ear from the business end through the very way music is heard and felt. And none of these guys in control now will be able to do a thing about it because they've been too busy running their mouths to even know what's about to happen. Just look at these music forums Ken. Over the past 5 years I've noticed a microcosim of this very phenomenon. And for those behind the curve this time that wind you talk about is going to be very cold, while some who will feel it the worst will be some of the very ones we currently believe have all the answers.

I can't wait, because I'll be the perfect age to have a ringside seat.
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