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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
You need to hear the arrangement Polly. It was arranged for big band with Coltrane's melodic lines and most of his subsequent improvisations voiced for large ensemble, often with block voicings suitable for the US high school football field on a Friday night. Not to say this has never been done/ many Charlie Parker improvisations have been scored in this manner/ but this was perhaps one of the most soul drained adaptations of a modern jazz work ever, to say nothing of one of the most inappropriate works for big band ever. When the improvisations finally arrive they are played in entirely inappropriate style suggesting improv of an earlier time. In other words it's a mess.

Then if you really want the bizarre, check out his brother's entirely copped Love Supreme album where Branford attempts to recreate the entire disc often note for note. The first time I heard it I got the wierdest feeling hearing what sounded like a really good player attempting to imitate Coltrane but with a small figure or twist added or deleted. I actually knew someone who loved it because in his mind it was great to hear all of the old Coltrane ideas with proper digital quality.
I didn't find Wyton's version on the Tube, only only found Brandon's. Sounded great to me, at least before it goes berko later on ... I've probably listened to that track twice before and not for a fair while, and it's too complex to be a "twice through" track. The way you've described Wynton's version sounds like an interesting idea that didn't come off. I've heard track by him that I enjoyed, like bop tune in the OP I keep fruitlessly referring to (haha) and I have a wonderful Herlin Riley solo in my YouTube favourites. But then again, I like the White Stripes :)

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
That's the way funding is for anything in the USA. People complain about welfare; but massive amounts of funding go to corporations and the wealthy through subsidies in defense and farming, or research in medicine and energy that is offered free. It becomes discussed when the government bails out financial institution while executives get royal treatment or spa vacations. But it happens all the time.
How true. In Oz we blithely pour squillions into sport but conservatives squeal about much more modest arts funding. I've never believed art should have to always pay for itself. If it requires rationalist justification it could be seen as a musical research lab where discoveries can be made that revitalises the pop scene, which always gets its ideas from edgier styles. For some years the pop scene has been cannibalising itself rather than growing. Not exactly enriching people's souls ...

PS. Just read Matt's last post. Grant allocation's another thing again. Organisations always win those games over the little guys.
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