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Default Re: R*I*P Captain Beefheart

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
Still, 69 is pretty young. He'd been quite ill for many years, though. Multiple Sclerosis.
Just heard the news on the car radio yesterday and then I got distracted by something and forgot. Yes, you're right, thanks. Guess my point was that a lot of musos lead ... interesting lives, which ages them faster than usual. Seen a lot of famous age peers fall off the perch. Of course the Captain couldn't help MS, poor bugger. Horrible disease but at least he doesn't have to deal with it any more.

On a more upbeat note, here are some of my Captn faves:

Bat Chain Puller: ... I didn't like this at all for years but I listened to it for the first time again about a year ago and fell in love. No one else sounds like that and the atmosphere is unbelievable.

Cathy's Clone, with Don vV on soprano sax:

I saw him with Uncle Frank in the mid 70s at the Hordern Pavilion, but all I can remember of the gig is Zappa's lead playing being miles high in the mix, Napoleon Murphy Brock carrying on like a pork chop, a young Terry Bozzio playing his toms amazingly, and being utterly confused by this:
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