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Originally Posted by con struct View Post
It doesn't, Polly, and that's the whole point. Wynton Marsalis is a highly visible target for jazz musicians and critics who have a chip on their shoulders, but the truth is that his success isn't taking food from anyone's table. You couldn't say that jazz would be a lot better off without Wynton Marsalis, nor could you say that it is any better because of him.
Jay not only is your comment uninformed, I'm pretty sure you know it is and are only trying to secure a contrary reaction. Despite a storied forum rage, encompassing thousands of posts, and attacks on every known artistic enemy real or imagined, you've always given a feigning pass to Marsalis, with one theory being that you're generally dismissive of federal grant funding, because you've never really understood all that, nor did you believe it cool to be so aligned with the man when in reality that same man is actually just the collective pockets of everyone.

Three years ago at aaj you asked for concrete Marsalis grant facts, they were supplied, you blew off the conversation and just kept saying the exact same thing. Three years later you're on this thread doing the exact same thing.

Here's the bottom line for anyone wanting to seriously view this past the gimmick. JALC by itself, takes several millions of dollars in grant money every year, and if you think that's not most of it, then you are truly unknowing of how small the grant allotment is for American jazz. Just to lay out a famous example---the entire 40 year old, 10,000 member International Association for Jazz Education, which was up until 2 years ago the second most expansive nonprofit jazz operation on the planet, was forced to declare bankruptcy over a matter of one million dollars.

Yes you heard that right---one million dollars. The entire educational infrastructure for a complete genre of music that included over 100,000 bands in the US alone died because it needed a million dollars. And yes I know a million is a lot, but for something that oversees millions of students?

My old man can make 10 community big bands in different towns that have never experienced regular jazz, run healthy and with optimum quality /for an entire year/ for less than what the bar staff and greeters make at Dizzy's Coca Cola Club make in half time.

Isn't taking food off anyone's table?

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