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Default Re: New 2010 Gretsch Catalina Birch Review

Hi everyone. I'm new here and have enjoyed reading the comments about this kit and other stuff. Nice to meet you all.

I just pulled the trigger on the standard size Catalina Birch in silver sparkle. Musician's Friend is having a crazy deal for the wrap finish ones for $499 and I just couldn't resist. When I get them I'll give my thoughts on the kit and maybe post a few pics.

But my thoughts so far with just the info available:

Gretsch seems to have addressed some of the issues that people had about the previous model. I'm very happy that this kit is 6 lugs on all mounted toms instead of 5. The mini suspension mounts looks superior to the other model and the beefier tom bracket is a plus. I have the same ones on my Club Jazz (selling that one) and it is very sturdy and functional so I'm glad to see it used on this kit. I also like the 16" floor tom (with legs) instead of a 14" in both shell packs. Good move IMO. The tom holder seems better than the one they put on the Cat maple (old) and ash kits.

I heard the kit in this video and it seems to sound pretty good, snare included. The snare seemed to be the biggest complaint about the old model so I'll let you know what I think once I have it. Though since I ordered the standard sizes the snare will be a 6.5x14 instead of a 5.5 so it might have a bit more underlying body than the one in the video. We'll see.

As far as 30 degree bearing edges instead of 45, I'll have nothing to compare it to so who knows. Maybe it took some of the attack off but I'm speculating.

I've read some complaints about the finish being delicate but since I got the wrap that is irrelevant to me. I hope the silver sparkle looks snazzy though I'm not worried. I also ordered some classic bass drum claws that I think will look better that the stock claws. It'll look more like a classic Gretsch! Got 'em here cheap.

I'm looking forward to getting this one!

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