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Default Re: R*I*P Captain Beefheart

Very sad, but I guess at this age the heroes from our youth tend to either become decrepit or fall off the perch. Time sucks. Anyway, Don vV had quit music a long time ago to focus on his art.

There was no one like the Captain. I had the Shiny Beast album - some great tracks on it ... Bat Chain Puller, Tropical Hot Dog Night and Suction Prints was an amazing instrumental. I always loved the crazy rhythms he'd get his drummers to play.

I also loved his nuts soprano sax playing. He played it on a song by The Tubes (before they got desperate to pay the rent) called Cathy's Clone and he really helped give that track its vibe. My fave song by the band.

And I still maintain that Fleetwood Mac pinched the riff and feel of Aba Zaba in Tusk.
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