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Default Re: Never impulse buy

I don't really agree, at all..... you just need to know a good deal, when you see one.
A few years ago, a painter/cat I knew, bought two amps, off a commercial job site he was working on. After working all day, thinking, getting buyers remorse, by chance he runs into me, at the local coffee house. Tells me his story. One amp, he gave to his "helper", for payment, for the day. The "other" amp, it's in his truck. I ask him, ...... "so, what do you want for it" ..... his reply, ...... "I just want to get my money back out of it". Which was $50. Well hell, I got $50 in my pocket, so I say, ...."OK, let's take a look at it".
Well, first thing I see, is it's a Fender. It's a Twin Reverb. It's a Black Face. So I ask him .... "Does it work?" .... His reply, .... "Man, I don't even know. Guy I bought it from says it works, but I don't even have a guitar right now, to check it out. I just wanna get my money back out of it, I think".
So I gave the cat $50 for it, and we put it in my truck. Run it up to my buddies amp shop the next day, it works, but it's a little noisy. My amp guy says he can "clean it up". I told him "do it".
We sold that amp for $800.
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