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Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
P-L-E-A-S-E! come most of the time when I read one of your're stirring something up...very few drummers I know have or had a r. foot like bonham's...including his son whom I met many years ago and so stated (hence his use of a dbl. pedal in certain parts)...Bonham is clearly a drumming icon (and should be) and he's certainly one of the most emulated/immitated rock drummers out there!....and certainly FAST!
Show me footage in which you consider Bonham's playing at his top speed, chances are there are hundreds of links of drummers playing faster. I don't mean to bring Bonham down, as I said, he's a great drummer; it just really ins't about his bass drum speed.
The point behind my posts in this thread was that if you look up to Bonham as a reference for speed, you should look somewhere else; he's cool for his unique groove and sound.

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