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Originally Posted by LTNINGFan View Post
If anyone is thinking about getting Todd Sucherman's new DVD, don't think about it, just do it. Someone on here recommended it, then someone else on another drummer site did also, and I came back here and read even more good stuff about it.

Very entertaining and informative, and I haven't even made it to disc 2 yet :)
Totally agree! What a great sequel to, say, Great Hands for a Lifetime and Secret Weapons. It brings those basics to the next level, when things get exciting - on the drumset! Great, great fills! Watching this will build faith in your own playing, like - "Aaah, I see now, that fill is just this..." And much, much more. Todd's no nonsense philosophy on the music business, the great sound of the kits he's playing, the breathtaking shooting location (his own house?) which looks like the Palace of Drums, the way it is all filmed. It's really an aesthetic treat and everything looks so modern. I don't know much about Todd, but I seem to grow a very deep respect for the man. He is so real and humble and intelligent.
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