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Default Re: Mallet percussion technique questions

Originally Posted by drummindan8484 View Post
One other question, do cheesy little bell kits serve as valid practice tools for 4 mallet technique?
Well...they'll give you "the idea" when it comes to what notes to play, just like when you use that bell kit to practice your scales, but transferring the feel of 4 mallet playing from that to a larger keyboard instrument will be tough.

Let me put it this way: it's better than nothing, but not by much.

If you can keep your eye on the local used market/craigslist/music shops/pawn shops/antique shops, then try to find a mallet instrument (vibes, marimba, or xylo). Even if it's just a pit model, marching model, or missing the stand part of the frame, it will serve you much better in practicing than a glockenspiel.
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