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Originally Posted by Fox622003 View Post
I remit you to my post below. Bonham is a nice drummer; but by NO means fast. Have you heard any drummers in the past...30 years? Jason can easily play what Bonham plays with a single, heck, 90% of professional drummers can. If he says otherwise, or uses a double pedal for single parts (which I doubt), it's probably just to elevate his father's playing.
As I said in my original post, can you *really* not do it? Then it's you who's more special than Bonham in regards to bass drum speed.
P-L-E-A-S-E! come most of the time when I read one of your're stirring something up...very few drummers I know have or had a r. foot like bonham's...including his son whom I met many years ago and so stated (hence his use of a dbl. pedal in certain parts)...Bonham is clearly a drumming icon (and should be) and he's certainly one of the most emulated/immitated rock drummers out there!....and certainly FAST!

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