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Default Never impulse buy

I visited this drum shop in Nyack NY, called the long island drum shop. I was looking for a new snare drum at the time.

I was about to make an impulse purchase buy for the Tama metal works 5.5x14 snare drum. I do that once in a while, and the wife is not happy at all with me when I do that.

However, the salesman and I started talking about my older equipment and he told me that he would sell me the tama snare for $150.00 if, I throw in my two year old Catalina jazz snare and my two year old 20" Zildjian K session ride cymbal.

I smiled enthusiastically and said it was a good deal and that I would think about, knowing full well that I was just mistaken for a mark in a caravel and he was trying to screw me with a large acme thread. I never went back to the small shop in Nyack NY, and perhaps with actions like this it will never get very large.

If I wanted to sell either of these items, I knew they were worth more than $50.00 for both. I did not know the value of this Tama snare at the time, because I did not research it. But, when I got home I went online and found that I could purchase the snare at the time was selling for $150.00 with free shipping as well.


Hopefully, the internet will make scenes like this a thing of the past. Everyone is now able to price shop at light speed. Thank you Leonard Kleinrock, the inventor of the internet. (Please no Al Gore jokes)

Here are the conclusions to this story;
1. Never impulse buy.
2. Always know the average price before hand.
These two are lessons to me as well as friendly advice to others.

3. Do not over sell the sale. The salesman, if he was aware of what was going on, he would have tried to close the deal and been done with it. Instead he went over the snares bearing edge and got greedy.

4. Do not get greedy. This salesman could have stopped at selling the snare at a higher profit, but he wanted to get more than just one sale out of the deal and ended up loosing this sale and my business.
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