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Default Re: help with this Travis Barker lick...

Sorry man, for some reason windows media player has no sound (suddenly, right in the middle of watching a dvd). I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it, uninstalled it, redownloaded latest version of it, installed with no sound...

Worst part is even AFTER I remove it through the control panel, it STILL takes over all my file formats EVEN after I uncheck all the files. The only way to beat it is to right click on a file and 'open with' then use real player or itunes or divx or whatever, that all work.

God I hate microsoft.

The problem now is, if I click your attachment, it opens in WMP 10 (even though it is uninstalled, and even though the default player for mp3s is iTunes). So I try to save the link as, and it gives me some pointer to Bernhard's server.

So until someone helps me fix my WMP (ARGHHHHHHHHHH) you'd have to send me the file pm.

Or you can wait until my dependable 6 year old mac gets here from my overseas shipment!
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