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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
By the early 20th century people were ready for some political upheaval. You had these two world wars and the music and artistic worlds had a time of great innovation with Picasso, the Impressionists and Expressionists. You had modernism, then the invention of jazz, rock and roll, the suburbs, the A bomb, the computer and internet. So my question was, will the 21st century be a time of intense innovation and does it have to be? And are we living in a post-ideological world?
Agree, those were times of accelerated change, Actually begining with the Renaissance in the 14th century ( ? ), the first major cultural upheaval, to the post industrial revolution period, to America growing up the 60s , all the the wars etc..landmark times.

But I also believe that those of us living in our time are often ill equipped to pass judgment on the present. It always looks insipid by comparision to the past upon which we had had time for reflection, analysis and nostalgic glorification.

Also I think every generation since the Birth of Man has used the phrase " Back in my day it was all sunshine ....". Something funny about that though...Maybe its just the way our egos are built, us humans.

I think we havent even begun to scrape the surface or fully comprehend the power and capability of the babes of the 21st century, the internet, mobile telephony, artifical intelligence, stem cell technology and cracking the genome code. The 21st century will be a time for intense innovation for sure, and the musical arts will be a mirror to all of it.

We might not like it, you and me, but hey, we aint going to around to smell that cuppa coffee! ; )


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