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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I'm cool. I dig your passion about it. It sorta' reminds me of a single pane cartoon I saw years ago: in the future, an archeologist finds books by Madonna, Danielle Steele, and Michael Crichton and declares, "Behold! The Masters!"
Funny you would reference that cartoon, because here is what my old man said during his Jazz Ambassador acceptance speech in Toronto three years ago.

Ten thousand years from now when humanity digs through the strata to make sense of these confusing times, they will not be concerned with supply side economics, artificial social networking or the mental condition of underaged pop stars. They will instead marvel at what's left of the Eiffel tower, the Chrysler Building and that giant needle thing outside. At the apex of their journey they will stop dead in their tracks when they discover a definitive mother load of awe inspiring culture. It will have names attached to it like Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Bix Beiderbecke, and Miles Davis. They will find this magnificent treasure because a loyal cadre of meticulous educators protected it when the conventional wisdom was to trivialize.

I believe that with all my heart.

Does that sound like someone interested in a contrary viewpoint?
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