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Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Matt, But here's the question I want to ask you: Where do you see the innovation coming from in the jazz world today?
I think the most creative jazz artists right now are in Europe, and that irritates me because I think that the best jazz musicians as a group are still Americans. It's our music and that's the way it should be. Interesting though how Wynton M, Stanley Crouch and Albert Murray are unimpressed with Europe although I strongly believe they've heard little of it. On that front I think there's also probably a little race politicking going on.

Still there is no truly ground breaking genre in Europe that follows along the lines of those famous 10 year transitions that used to happen with US jazz in the 20th century, and yeah I think the whole Wyntonization of jazz is largely responsible for that. In fact I strongly believe that a large number of cutting edge young African American hip hop artists would embrace jazz if the current American jazz establishment were more accepting of them. I have no doubt that 50-70 years ago guys like JayZ and Lil Wayne would have been jazz musicians.

With that said I firmly believe that hip hop culture will be responsible for the next significant jazz movement and yes, that one has a chance of actually becoming popular.

But interesting again how the Wyntonians have talking points already out there about how all the hip hop guys are also crap.

I'm just not wrong about this.
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