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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post

You have the boppers in the 50s, the politicians and political activists of the 60s, the rock stars in the 70s and the software innovators of the 80s and early 90s. What is captivating the idealism of young people today? I love this clip.
great speech! Wow,they didnt make 15 year olds like this in my day!

I dont know where it's going to go, Ken but it is reassuring to know the good stuff is out there. Hardly heard, unsupported, completely unmarketed, not easyily accessible, but its there. It exists and people are playing it.
Like Matt said, people will create this music unconditionally so it will exist, and develop, and mutate. And no single person can be a puppeteer and guide its destiny.

Also, you make a very significant point about the political need for some to put jazz music on the same mantle as Western Classical and to accord it the same respectability. Ellington certainly did and Wynton perhaps sees himself as his torch bearer. That this music has a political dimension connected to the Civil Rights Movement might have a lot to do with the sharpness of Wynton's position.

All music at some level has a political dimension I suppose, but it clouds issues because eventually music gets past all of that and reaches for a unversal acceptance that is beyond any kind of boundaries designed by man.

( perhaps we can exclude Wagner ? ; )


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