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Default Re: Wynton Marsalis

Wow. What a heated discussion. I'm almost afraid to say anything. But that's never stopped me....

Would it be ironic to note that Tony Williams was the guy who said, if jazz made alot of money, then it wouldn't be jazz?. I find it a little strange that jazz is this heritage that needs nurturing and protection of its history and all that. There's such a huge institutional rage over jazz-as-educational-goal that I think alot of people are tired of that. Not necessarily playing jazz.

I mean, nobody argues about what the guys in rock n' roll are doing. Nobody disputes any history there, I don't think anybody cares. Why should we care so much about jazz? Apparently they care more about it across the Atlantic than we do here in the States. But I think you either play jazz, or you don't. I think the world is smart enough to know if they're being hoodwinked by Wynton Marsalis, and if they still like him, what does it hurt?

Excuse my naivete, but in the long view, does it matter?
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