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I like a lot of his "influences" as well, I don't feel the need to dislike one thing because it sounds like something else, it isn't like he plays solo, you can't discredit the musicians he plays with simply because they're playing a Wynton "composition".

I never claimed he was here to save jazz, he is conservative and traditional (in a sense similar to a classical musician), he doesn't tear down boundaries, he reinforces them if anything and funnily enough, that is what a lot of people like about him.

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
If that's the case then why not check out the original guys he's imitating. You'll probably love that because a guy like yourself will be able to hear the difference.

I think drum forum guys could understand the issue if I used this analogy. You know how so many complain about drummers who make well produced youtube covers, where the guy plays the original song note for note and the lesser informed think its equal or superior to the original?

There's no difference here.

Wynton Marsalis is the Cobus of jazz, except he's not as original.

Now imagine if Cobus or the best imitator of the Moby Dick solo were the leader of the entire drumming world, controlled most of the available funding for your art form and was powerful enough to insert himself into the very history of the music via can't win political assertions based on racial divisions and a willing journalist base.

You think people would object to that?
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