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Default Re: Supermarket bacon rant.

There is nothing like fresh meat form an old fashioner butcher.
There are a few places left in Ct where I can get fresh unprocessed organic meat and poultry.
My Sister in Law who lives in Maine also sends me fresh organic beef a few times a year.
There is also a butcher near Stowe Vermont that I obtain fresh meat and low fat, salt free sausage from.
I can't have high fat, salt, and processed foods because I am on a diet as a result of a stroke.
Bacon is way off the list of foods that I can eat!
I have to buy all of my meat products unprocessed because they add salt and other preservatives that I can't have.

I have hunted deer, wild turkey, pheasants, and ducks for years but as I have become middle aged I no longer have the will to kill.
This is the first year that I can remember when I did not go hunting.
I did get a freezer full of venison and fowl from friends who hunt this year though.

I watched a show that showed how processed bacon was made.
They spray artificial maple flavor on the bacon that is advertised as maple smoked.
The meat was never smoked at all! It was cooked in a gas oven in the factory.
I kind of like old drums:)

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