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Originally Posted by Aidan
Hats off to you Nutha Jason, you proved that someone can give praise where it is due and yet at the same time say someone is not neccessarily your cup of tea without making someone look or sound bad, BIG hand clap.

Yes, but SOMEONE will get all offended and call him stupid, just watch. Nutha, it doesn't take too much to determine a guy's drum style, when HE himself is the one who chose to play THAT solo on THAT video. Sure he has other skills and abilities, but after about 5 videos of the same type of pseudo-fusiony chops riddled stuff, I think we get the point ;-)

And Finn, that whole post about keeping your source secret was great! After all your posts, I was surprised to find you have wit ;-)

So far none of my points have been cheap shots trying to tear down Donati. I've simply tried to state what people could possibly not like about his playing. I don't think anyone is saying he id overrated in the Travis Barker/Joey Jordison vein. For many drummers, it's just a matter of taste, or the perception of the lack thereof.

It's actually all the posts that start with "Virgil is the best drummer ever...look at his double pedal speed...blah blah" that most of us disagree with, and that does kind of a disservice to Virgil.
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