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Default Re: Supermarket bacon rant.

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
I am with ya in a way but hard to rant about it when there are so many starving people in the world..That food may be bad for ya and all that but the reason it will never go away is cost.. An Oragnic apple here cost more than 3 non- organic apples. So for most people it's a question of either eating crap food or starving.
Of course, you're right on the food poverty thing. Perhaps I should have just finished my rant with the bacon gripe. Bulking bacon with brine has nothing to do with reducing cost to the consumer, & everything to do with fooling people that they're getting better value. The meat is bulked, sometimes by up to 50%, so the perception is, you're getting more for your buck. The reality is, once you cook it, all that brine boils off, leaving you with much less food than you thought. It's actually more economical to get unprocessed stuff, & safer, lol!

On the organic cost issue (I know, I shouldn't have raised that), most organic stuff here is cheaper, if you don't buy it through regular food outlets. Even the cost in the major chains is now reducing considerably. Put simply, the more you produce organically, the cheaper it becomes. Organic produce in my county area now exceeds 40% of total production.
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