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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
Yeah, I wouldn't guess that any of DT's members are "rich". Maybe, but I'd be surprised.
Depends on your definition of "rich".

Multi millionaire? I don't think so. But he has a nice house in a suburb in the Long Beach, New York area, which doesn't come cheap. My guess is he enjoys a nice upper middle class lifestyle at home.

As I've posted before, what lacks in US sales they make up for in Europe, Asia and South America sales. You don't have to sell a ton in every country if you can sell in many, many different countries. DT only has one gold record in the US, but global sales add up.

And given the last three times they played Los Angeles, they played a much bigger venue than they had an any previous tours, I'd guess in the last few years they've been doing even better in overall ticket sales as time goes on. Last time they were here, they played the Universal/Gibson Amphitheater. Rush played the same venue the last time they were here. I was kind of amazed by that fact.

Plus Mike isn't just the drummer. He gets song writing royalties, and producer credits. And after the pitfall of the Falling into Infinity session, starting Scenes from a Memory, DT has run a very cost effective operation. They keep there recording expenses down by self producing, (and until recently) avoided spending money on videos. So they get a little more out of each CD sale than the average band.

Plus he has his line of drumming videos, many of which he sells directly out of his house (i.e. no middle man), official bootlegs, and 101 side projects, all of which add up over time.

But without being in DT, can he keep that up? Who knows. We'll see.
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