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I read your entire post, I just thought you were focusing too much on him as an educator and his blunders in that department and not enough on his compositions. Your main argument regarding his compositional work was that he isn't an important innovator, and perhaps he isn't due to the fact he plays it safe stylistically, but he still makes fantastic music.

You admitted he was a good trumpet player, that much is plain to see, but to say he doesn't innovate and that innovation is all that jazz is about is wrong. Perhaps it is the soul of jazz, but at the same time to say that something isn't jazz unless it is new is like saying jazz as a genre can't possible exist as anyone doing the same thing must not be making jazz. I view his work more as a homage to a particular style of jazz and leave the controversy out of it.

Perhaps he doesn't play free jazz or avant-garde but I don't understand what the issue is with the music he does create. Does every composition ever made have to be a revelation to be considered good. His orchestral Baroque work with trumpet is fantastic. He creates a lot of music that tells a story, that invokes a journey, I'm not saying others don't but I don't understand why you believe it is bad.

I certainly don't get where you are pulling that I have a negative opinion of musicians or educators who make contributions, I never once mentioned anyone in my post other then Wynton Marsalis. I understand that a lot of people dislike him, and I'm not saying they are all wrong, but he wouldn't be where he is if people didn't like his music, and isn't that what it boils down to in the end, he makes good music.

I certainly have tons of respect for a lot of great, innovative players and composers doing their own thing. I did say quite clearly that making the music you like to make regardless of what you think is the way to go. I make a mixture of depressive black metal and post rock, I don't believe it is wrong, regardless of how non-commercial it is. That doesn't mean that if I think my friends might enjoy listening to a band I like, I don't try expose them to it. If exposing a younger generation to a style of music helps foster future innovators and extends the genres longevity how is that a bad thing.

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Did you read a single word I posted?

Man, I've liked you on other threads, but it appears as if you retained nothing from a very detailed post. Again... and I cannot make it any clearer than this. Those seriois musicians I mentioned absolutely do not care what others think about what they're doing or other's personal opinions of them. That's just a fact. Yes it may be unfortunate that you have such a negative opinion of musicians and educators who made actual contributions who would question this person based on actual facts and real observations/experiences. My old man used to hang with those guys. My grandfather used to play with Ellis/ the class of that family/ They know the real scoop and I'll take their word for it alongside the obvious lack of innovation alongside a genuine ability to perform on a trumpet.
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