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Default Supermarket bacon rant.

We usually get our bacon (& most other foodstuffs) from a selection of local farms. Good, honest, organic food. We had occasion to visit a supermarket yesterday, to stock up on some festive stuff, & we bought a pack of the most expensive bacon on offer. As I type this, I'm nursing a very sore eye. On frying said bacon, a small piece, complete with attendant hot oil, spat into my eye. &^*&^%^% that was painful. Anyhow, this is all because they bulk this crap out with brine. The water reacts with the hot oil, & hey presto, an injured & very pissed KIS! It's not only that, you get this horrible white scum on the bacon, & the fat takes forever to crisp, by wich time the meat is over cooked. This country is getting better than most western nations at not accepting this crap, & my area in particular is ahead of most, but when is this cheap processed food con going to stop? I will never buy supermarket bacon again!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a tree hugger, but I am now used to quality local country produce (including our own grown vegetables & fruit) and by comparison, that processed crap sucks. Not only that, it's much more expensive (due to transport & processing costs) & environmentally unsustainable. Not great on the welfare front either. GM crops are banned here, it's about time they banned this processed crap too! Why don't the health & safety morons jump on this, instead of banning our school children from playing conkers!!! Aaaarrrggghhhhhh.
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