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Originally Posted by Frost View Post
I qualify the statement with observations, if you want me to link them to some tabloid, I can't, but it is my experience that most of the people that claim to have an opinion on it have borrowed it, a lot of people that criticize him do it because it is the popular thing to do in the jazz community, not that I'm throwing accusations at you over that.

I don't agree with every statement he has ever made, but he is a big advocate of classical and jazz music. As far as the not caring whether or not it is popular, that is bull. There is nothing wrong with something being popular, if a younger audience can truly appreciate something it is nothing but beneficial. Perhaps jazz musicians should care more about making others interested in what they do. I agree that it doesn't matter if they don't as if you love something, you love it, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth trying to introduce others to it, that kind of attitude is why a lot of jazz musicians are considered snobs.

I don't believe he is the greatest jazz "historian" he is very selective in his opinions of what is and isn't jazz, but as for a composer and a musician, too many people take stabs at his person, judging him for his opinion and completely forgetting about the wonderful music he creates. I hate hearing from jazz musicians who pipe up one minute that it is all about the music and the next minute lay hate on Wynton for something he said, then to turn around and saying that the Pulitzer he won was deserved. If it is about the music, it's about the music, and he is doing a lot for that particular style of jazz.
Did you read a single word I posted?

Man, I've liked you on other threads, but it appears as if you retained nothing from a very detailed post. Again... and I cannot make it any clearer than this. Those seriois musicians I mentioned absolutely do not care what others think about what they're doing or other's personal opinions of them. That's just a fact. Yes it may be unfortunate that you have such a negative opinion of musicians and educators who made actual contributions who would question this person based on actual facts and real observations/experiences. My old man used to hang with those guys. My grandfather used to play with Ellis/ the class of that family/ They know the real scoop and I'll take their word for it alongside the obvious lack of innovation alongside a genuine ability to perform on a trumpet.
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