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I was trying to be polite and diplomatic, but yup, Matt's nailed it.

from Wiki;

Jazz Critic Scott Yanow praised Marsalis's talent but questioned his "selective knowledge of jazz history considering post-1965 avant-garde playing to be outside of jazz and 1970s fusion to be barren."

Trumpeter Lester Bowie said of Marsalis, "If you retread what's gone before, even if it sounds like jazz, it could be anathema to the spirit of jazz."

In his 1997 book Blue: The Murder of Jazz Eric Nisenson argues that Marsalis's focus on a narrow portion of jazz's past stifled growth and innovation.

In 1997 pianist Keith Jarrett criticized Marsalis saying "I've never heard anything Wynton played sound like it meant anything at all. Wynton has no voice and no presence. His music sounds like a talented high-school trumpet player to me."

In 1986, in Vancouver, Miles Davis stopped his band to eject Marsalis, who had appeared onstage uninvited. Echoing Clarke's comment, Davis said "Wynton can't play the kind of shit we were playing", and twice told Marsalis to leave the stage saying "Get the @#$ off."[16]

Besides insinuating that Davis was pandering to audiences, Marsalis said Davis dressed like a "buffoon"

Trumpeter Lester Bowie called Marsalis "brain dead", "mentally-ill" and "trapped in some opinions that he had at age 21...because he's been paid to.

So yea, other opinions exist and from some very credible sources.

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