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Default Re: Wynton Marsalis

Dan, I think you'll like it .. after all, Elvin's playing :)

Yes Bob, I enjoyed it plenty.

GD, in some ways I agree but a lot of music kind of screams its genre at me. Having said that, most of my favourite groups are eclectic - mixing up grooves, sounds, dynamics, arrangements, moods etc.

On the face of it, I can see where Wynton's coming from but it seems most people think he's romanticising older jazz at the expense of vital new forms. It's as though he wants to exclude free jazz from "the club" in the same way as the swing guys wanted to do to bop. I'm surprised that he goes as far as to play hard bop. It's not like there's a hard and fast line between edgier hard bop and free.

In the end I guess genres can only tend to go three ways - more extreme until it becomes avant garde, more spare until it becomes minimalist or look for the sweet spots within and between genres.
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