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Default Re: Deciding on first electronic drum set - need advice

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
The thing that surprised me the most about the electro musicians that I played with that I mentioned in my earlier post is this.
I don't think that they really understood my position on playing real drums.
I think that they got the concept of my feelings.
I think that they respected my playing ability.
Deep down inside, I really think that they would have been just as happy if I had played the crap e-kit.
I don't think that they could really hear the difference in the sound of my perfectly tuned maple drums and my hand made Istanbul cymbals.
I think that they are so into the electronic gizmos that they play, that they don't hear the difference.
They are intrigued by electronics, not musical sound quality!
I think you're stereotyping us and making some generalizations there. Creating electronic music involves a lot of experimentation to find the proper "mixes": what kind of effects/sounds to use for certain feels or certain tempos.

Their rationale was that for the particular project, the ability of the e-drums to change voices, to add effects when necessary, and other factors may be why they overlooked the disadvantages of e-drums. There haven't been many drummers who utilize acoustic drums for electronic music; they definitely play to it though.

Why doesn't a house drummer just grab a Cascio keyboard from Toys R Us? ;-)
Mapex Pro M "Blue Ice" drums, or drum (like floor tom).
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