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Default Re: Forgetting concerts

Originally Posted by jer View Post
The thread title made me think this was about forgetting about a gig you were supposed to play.

Only happened to me once. Yeah, how do you forget a gig?

Anyways, I'm with you in that I don't remember details like what songs were played or sometimes who opened or where it was, but I can put myself back at the show in my mind and remember how I felt / the vibe.
Yes, that's what I mean. I remember being there. I remember enjoying the show. I remember getting elbowed in the back of the head by my friend on accident (hm....) and even the sketchy, skinny old guy that talked to everyone he saw. But the songs, the band members... no. The only thing I can recall clearly about the band Thrice, for example, would be Eddie's sweat pouring over his bass. As for the other band members, I can't even remember seeing their faces. Teppei, when trying to think back on it, seemed like he was miles away from me for some reason.

As for forgetting a gig, it's like after the gig, I don't even feel like I've played. I can't remember the sets or anything, although I do record every show. When thinking back to a gig, all I can remember is seeing my drum kit... can't remember seeing my own band members, and when thinking about what the crowd looked like, my memory replaces them with a white light... bizarre, right?
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